Level of assurance:
Be certain about the identity of your customers
Protect your company against identity fraud
Is currently used on more than 200 websites
Customers use their bank's trusted login method
Works on all mobile devices

Grant Dutch consumers identification and security

If your business requires online identity verification for customers in the Netherlands, consider using the iDIN-NAW eID solution. This secure and reliable option allows individuals to use their standard bank login credentials to verify their identity and personal information, such as name, address, and residence.

High-level security

The iDIN-NAW service is compliant with eIDAS regulations and corresponds to the eIDAS reliability level "Substantial", ensuring that your business can trust the authenticity of identities verified through the service. This is particularly useful for businesses that require high levels of security and compliance, such as those in the financial or government sectors.

Benefits for your business in the Netherlands

iDIN-NAW provides certainty about your customer's identity and protects your company against identity fraud thanks to the fraud monitoring procedures of banks. It also helps fulfil one of the GDPR requirements: reliable and secure access for customers to their data. By offering iDIN-NAW as an option for online identity verification, your business can streamline the verification process and provide a more convenient experience for your customers in the Netherlands.

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