The iGaming industry is subject to a lot of new regulation. Zignsec can help identity online players.

The iGaming market has exploded over the last decade despite local monopolies and difficult payment landscapes. Like everything else this industry is growing up and is now put under strong pressure both from the local and foreign authorities to be more regulated. With increased regulation comes harder regulation of getting to know your customers (KYC) and to track all financing activities (AML) similar to any other financial service.

It has been proven that there is a good match between the iGaming industry and Zignsec’s identity products. Zignsec offer new and innovative solutions to solve the complicated task of identifying the real person behind every user or transaction while still keeping a great user experience. With the new AML4-directives during 2018 all MGA-licenced casinos are expected to carry out the same due diligence checks like any other financial player. Zignsec can help casino operators in solving this problem across Europe.

Check out some use cases below on how you can use Zignsec’s products in your company:

  • No-registration Play
  • PEP and Sanction checks
  • User data verification upon signup
  • GDPR-approved upload of ID-documents
  • Source of wealth
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