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AML5 compliance is easier with us

AML5 is here (from the 10th January 2020). At ZignSec though, we’ve been working on AML solutions since AML1, many years ago. With the 5th update, we created a solution that is easy to implement for our customers, and at the same time, covers all of those aspects that they would need to comply.

We call it Real-Time AML Check

Instead of connecting to us multiple times for each step, our AML5 solution enables one click to connect, and then automates everything else from start to finish.


Real-time, with an answer back within 1 minute

Full Coverage

Covers all points needed to comply, such as identity verification checks using documents, selfies, PEP checks and register checks


Automated with a simple step-by-step, one click action for your customers who use it

AML5 - How it works

Your customer needs to verify their identity to you, our automated AML5 solution will start the verification process immediately.

The customer will be taken, step-by-step, through the stages that are needed to gather the information you need, to comply with AML5. Such things as asking them for an ID verification, a copy of their passport perhaps, taking a selfie and uploading it.

In the background, the solution will perform checks against registers to confirm the data entered.

Does my company need to act?

If you are involved with larger financial transactions, your customer due diligence process will probably need more verification of the customers identity. In these cases, gaining a copy of some identity document and proof, is needed. Better if this can be done digitally.

Maintaining good records of your customers, commonly called Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) should be looked at, and especially ways to make those processes more streamlined, both for you and your customer.

Want to know more?

Different companies have different needs. Regardless of the industry you are in, we are confident that we can secure your website, help you save money and increase the value for your users. Call us direct at +46 8 410 785 00 or fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you with your specific needs.





Automated from start to finish

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Over 5000+ types of ID detected



AI and biometry checks included

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