A new and open way to identify your customers in a well-known environment

An alternative way of customer identification in a familiar environment by simply asking your customer to log in to their bank. Validate their identity, address and bank accounts through the Banking API.

ZignSec provides you with access to trusted information, provided directly from banks proving your customers name, address and bank accounts. Our API supports 19 countries global.

Take advantage of banks opening their infrastructure offering open Banking API’s under the PSD2-regulation. Use it for verifying people’s identity or validate bank accounts. 

  • Over 80 % bank coverage per market. 
  • Quick and alternative way to proof an identity.
  • Bank account verification in real-time.
How it works: 
  1. User selects their bank.
  2. User login to their bank account and provide consent.
  3. ZignSec collects the relevant info directly from the bank.
  4. The results are shared to merchant.