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Alternative way to carry out a source of wealth checks

Add-on service to the Banking API’s providing a true income analysis based on your customer’s own transactions.

Use this new revolutionizing way of getting an income analysis, serving as a proof of wealth for your most important customers. Have you ever asked your customers for a full bank transaction history? Not always a pleasant experience. Use Zignsec’s Income Analysis to get access to a detailed income report without jeopardizing the privacy of your customers.

Based on a digital bank transaction record fetched by the Banking API’s Zignsec’s Income Analysis uses smart computer algorithms and machine learning with no manual steps to provide a full incomes analysis. The detailed result report is delivered in real-time via the Zignsec REST API directly into your systems to allow for control and automation. 

Use Zignsec’s income verification in 19 countries globally and 14 in Europe





Smartest way in the industry to get an income verification
Providing 100% privacy with no manual steps
Get primary and secondary income analyses in real-time



Connected to hundreds of banks in 19 countries globally and 14 in Europe



Let the user login in to their bank from your website using our specially designed iframe.
Collect the results using Zignsec's easy to use REST-API

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