Identify Anyone, Anywhere, in 10 seconds

Allow your customer to in real-time scan their passports, driver’s licenses, ID-cards and other documents, for example utility bills, invoices and others that require proof of address and identity.

Several security checks are made to spot false or tampered documents. The entire process is automated and the documents are scanned in 10 seconds. We cover 233 countries and supports over 5000 different types of documents. ZignSec also offers unique support for Cyrillic and Greek characters. Add-on with biometric selfie check for enhanced security.

After using the service, the merchant will receive a complete report directly via ZignSec’s API.

  • Onboard customers globally within 10 seconds.
  • Covering 230 countries and over 5000 document types.
  • World class risk and fraud detection using AI.
How it works: 
  1. The user takes a photo of their ID-document.
  2. ZignSec captures all data displayed on the document.
  3. ZignSec run checks to identify fraud or manipulations.
  4. The result is sent to the merchant with all captured info.