PEP and Sanction Checks

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Global PEP and Sanction list screening

Zignsec is connected to multiple PEP and Sanction list providers giving you a full Global coverage

PEP and Sanction list screening is a good and robust way to carry out an initial risk screening of registered customers in accordance with AML-regulation. Zignsec’s solutions give you access to multiple PEP and Sanction lists for enhanced quality of service and geographical coverage. Adverse media (also called bad publicity) databases are being added to the solution in certain countries. Contact us for more info.

Combine the PEP and Sanction list screening with our Register check services and you have a solid base for customer acquisition.

Zignsec operate a pay-as-you-go business model allowing you to scale up as you grow paying only based on usage. We believe it should be an easy decision to become a customer of Zignsec, and we therefore deliberately do not charge high setup-fees or demand large volume commitments.  Let us value the partnership and both grow big together.





100 % Friction-free - No action required by the user
Helps you comply with current AML-regulation.



Global solution covering sources like PEPs, Government Sanction Lists, Anti Terrorism Lists, CIA lists, Bespoke lists



Query the results using Zignsec's easy to use REST-API
No front-end work needed

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