A service with access to the latest and reliable checks worldwide

PEP and Sanction list screening is a great way to carry out initial risk screening of registered customers in accordance with AML-regulation. With ZignSecs solutions you will be given access to multiple PEP (political engaged person) and Sanction lists, always the most up-to-date versions from authorities all around the world.

Our global solution covering PEP, Government Sanction lists, Anti Terrorism lists, CIA lists and Bespoke lists. We secure that your onboarding and screening activities are compliant, all without any action required by the user.

Also, adverse media databases are being added to the solution in several countries. Combine the PEP and Sanction list screening with our Register check services and you have a solid base for customer acquisition.

  • Reliable risk-scoring in real-time. 
  • Access to multiple providers both local and international. 
  • Include risk-screening in your existing onboarding and KYC-flows. 
How it works: 
  1. Merchant passes on customer details.
  2. ZignSec checks towards the relevant sanctions lists.
  3. ZignSec screens against relevant PEP-sources. 
  4. The result is passed back to the merchant.