Authenticate and communicate, both locally and globally

Validate your users worldwide with ZignSecs SMS service. With a 2-factor authentication you can both generate and validate codes, for example when a user is asking for a new password or log in from a new device. You can also use locality services, based on a phone number via the GSM-network we can provide the current country of the user. 

SMS is also a appreciated part of other ZignSec services, for example Online ID Scanning and Register Checks. If you combine the last mentioned with SMS you can reveal an anonymous phone number.

  • Familiar way to communicate.
  • Works everywhere in the world.
  • Increase security at login and account creation.
How it works:
  1. Used for secure login or account registration.
  2. The user receives an SMS with a unique code.  
  3. The user inputs the code. 
  4. User is allowed access.