Allow your customers to pay you in real-time as part of your process

Real-time payment method allows the user to pay in a few simple steps through a mobile device. Each payment requires a technical integration and demands a fully digital workflow. ZignSec will provide all APIs under one integration, enabling your business to scale in the way you want it to. 

That also includes the payment method set up and operational support during the process. This method supports Swish in Sweden, Vipps in Norway and Mobile pay in Denmark and Finland.

  • Connect you with the local payments people love. 
  • Designed for mobile devices.
  • Increased conversion with link identity and payments in one flow.
How it works: 
  1. The user starts their easy and well-known process of paying.
  2. Payment done in one or two steps.
  3. User is redirected back to the website or app.
  4. The results are sent to the merchant electronically.