Safe onboarding with access to live data sources in over 65 countries

Register checks are a great way to validate a set of personal data. No action is required from the user. It fulfills many purposes throughout a user’s on-boarding journey; quick validation of data as well as proof of address and identity. Use Register Checks to reduce the risk you are exposed to when dealing with people or carry out customer due diligence for AML-regulation or as part of an ongoing KYC-routine.

One big strength with this method is that it is being carried out in the background with no added friction to the process. ZignSec provides you with access to many local data sources such as Credit, Government, Commercial, Consumer, Utility, Proprietary, Telco and Postal globally.

  • Reliable and authentic live data sources in over 65 countries.
  • Can be used in your verification process, for example KYC and AML.
  • Replace 80 % of manual tasks related to identity and address verification.
How it works: 
  1. User enters their name, address and date of birth in an online form.
  2. The data is sent to ZignSec for verification.  
  3. ZignSec runs the data against multiple reliable and authentic registers.
  4. The full results are sent back to the merchant electronically.