Zignsec feature list May 1st 2018 

April 23, 2018

Keep informed of which identity methods are available via Zignsec in each of your markets.

What we have learned over the years in this industry is that each country is different; access to identity methods differs, we see different behaviors when it comes to how to identify yourself, it is a big difference in acceptance to share data and the attitude towards privacy.  The conclusion is that each market is unique and should be treated as such.

To help you keep up with the different id-methods per market we publish the Zignsec feature list in details specifying the characteristics for each market.

Download Zignsec multichannel feature list 01MAY2018– PDF

Download Zignsec multichannel feature list 01MAY2018– EXCEL

Currently we offer the following id-methods:

  • National eID-schemes offering local digital identity solutions. Geographical reach is restricted to mainly the Nordics and new countries are being added continuously. The feature lists displays:
    • Method name: display the brand of the eID, for example BankID,
    • API-response: Display what kind of data you get back from the eID-provider
    • Coverage: Shows how big part of the population that have access to this method.
  • Register checks allows for automation of proof of address and serves as a great risk assessment and possibly an age verification tool. The feature lists displays:
    • # of sources: Display number of sources per country. To get the highest conversion we connect to multiple register in each county.
    • Coverage: an estimate of how big part of the population that are covered by one of the connected registers.
    • Verify: Indication of type of service. Verify means verifying the Name, Address and DoB or identity number of a person towards one or multiple registers.
    • Enrichment: Indication of type of service. Enrichment give the option to enrich data for example add an address by referencing a personal number.
    • PEP/ Sanction: Indication of type of service. A sanction and PEP-list check services checking towards multiple different sources to risk assess a person.
  • Online ID scan empowers a merchant to upload a file or capture a photo of an identity document for instant verification. The results are collected via a API in a structured and machine-readable format.
    • Passport: Supports automated verification of passports.
    • Identity card: Supports automated verification of identity cards.
    • Driver license: Supports automated verification of driver licenses.
    • Selfie-check: take advantage of the feature of letting your customer snap a picture of themselves for enhanced security. That is automatically compared with the photo of their identity document.
  • Banking API / Income Analysis
    • Connected banks: number of connected banks per country
    • Full name: display the percentage of banks that provide this info.
    • DoB or SSN: display the percentage of banks that provide this info.
    • Address: display the percentage of banks that provide this info.
    • Bank account: indication if you receive this info
    • Income analysis: indication if Income analysis is available in the market.
  • Phone Number Validation
    • Coverage: shows which countries this service is available in.

We update the feature list on regular basis and will keep the most up to date version available for download.


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