Multi-channel Identity Verification made Easy

Helping online companies comply with KYC and AML regulation

Electronic Identities (eIDs)

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The ultimate solution for authentication in real-time where ZignSec offers a growing number of digital identity solutions across the world making them available via one connection.

Quick and easy
Flexible and robust
Backend and scalable
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Online ID Scanning

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Identify Anyone, Anywhere, in 10 seconds. Allow your customers to in real-time scan their passports, driver’s licenses, ID-cards and other documents.

Great user experience
Global Coverage
Easy Implementation
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Register Checks

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Connected to local data registers in 40 countries. Use it for quick validity checks of personal details or for address validation to avoid document uploads.

100% Friction-free
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Use-case: Registration

Registering your customers has never been more simple.

Pick the identity channels you want to use based on the country and the service to identify your online users. Use for example online ID-capturing for proof of identity and a register check to validate the address. 100% automatic.

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We use Zignsec to speed up our KYC-process with identity checks and address validation.


Zignsec is a long-term partner of ours and we use them for multiple services including SMS and register checks across the world. With one partner spanning multiple markets we save both time and effort within our organisation and create a better experience for our customers.


Zignsec helps us with BankID in Sweden for registration of new users and authentication. With BankID we can safely and quickly onboard new customers and keep them logged in using the most popular tool on the market.


Zignsec serves as a strategic partner for us allowing us to offer BankID logins and digital signatures to all of our customers in one go.

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About Us

We help you find the right channels to use for identity validation regardless of country

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