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ZignSec was founded in 2015 with the desire to enable safe and secure digital identity verification through industry-leading products.

Our story

We grow together with our clients



ZignSec was founded in 2015 with the desire to enable safe and secure digital identity verification through industry-leading KYC.


Listed on Nasdaq

ZignSec is one of the first RegTech companies listed on the NASDAQ composite.


BasisID acquired

Estonian identity verification start-up BasisID bolsters ZignSec with technology, know-how, and manpower.


Wyzer and Web Shield join

By acquiring Wyzer and Web Shield, we built a solid foundation for expansion by bringing IT development and KYB skills into the organisation.


Launch of the ZignSec portal

We found the last piece of the puzzle to becoming a full-fledged SaaS provider: Our Compliance Orchestration Platform.

Our values

What we value

Compliance is not a simple list-checking exercise. It's hard work, and at ZignSec, we don't cut corners and always have the best practical solution for our clients. We are constantly aggregating new quality data sources to our SaaS portal.

A customer-centric approach to compliance

We work hard so our clients don’t have to. We get compliance out of the way so you can focus on strategic decisions and your daily business.

Transparency and knowledge sharing

We value knowledge sharing and transparency. The world of compliance moves fast. We share our expertise with you – through education as well as through the way we adapt our solutions to new rules.

Compliance beyond borders

Because of our global reach, we enable cross-border compliance and give client businesses the means to expand with confidence. We ensure you are compliant no matter where you are, your industry, or your business size.


The people behind the company

Our leadership team confidently steers the company through the complicated waters of the global RegTech industry.

Alex Noton
Headshot of Johan TörnqvistHeadshot of Johan Törnqvist
Johan Törnqvist
Headshot of Johan Törnqvist
Glenn Mac Donald
Headshot of Daniel Grech
Daniel Grech
Headshot of Jason Coombes
Jason Coombes
Head of IT compliance
Dr. Andrea Lucia Tapia-Hoffmann
Head of Legal and Privacy
Janina Schütz
Head of Human Resources
Johannes Rosenau
Head of Marketing

Our mission:
Your regulatory compliance

Reap the benefits of working with a well-reputed Regtech company with ZignSec as your organisation's enabler of KYC and KYB compliance.