Automated Proof of Address Verification

Simplify your onboarding with AI-powered Proof of Address Verification. Enable users to confirm their address swiftly, combining global databases and document forgery detection for seamless and secure customer onboarding.

Effortless Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance by verifying the identities and addresses of your customers as required.

Stay Compliant

Mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities, like identity theft or account takeover with a robust verification processes.

Build Trust

Build trust with customers and partners through accurate identification and authentication procedures.

Proof of Address

How Does It Work?

Authenticate documents, and verify customers worldwide.

A phone screen showing the start of the proof of address verification journey.


Begin the PoA verification process with a single click. Customise the layout and flow to suit your preferences. Toggle steps on or off as needed.

A phone screen showing a user uploading their utility bill.

Document Scanning

Verify the type and issue date of the Proof of Address document. Easily verify acceptable documents such as bank statements and utility bills.

A phone screen showing the address details of a user.

Data Extraction

Automatically extract and validate address details for you. We cross-check data with existing databases for added accuracy.

A phone screen showing a successful address verification.


Determine the success of your verification. Customise messaging and layout to align with your brand. Receive reasons for denial in case of failure.

Extract and verify the address

We provide a clear, well-considered, or null outcome based on the document's quality, data alignment, and genuineness.

Optimize compliance with KYC and AML regulations using our powerful automated Proof of Address software. Simplify customer onboarding with easy document submission, like bank statements and utility bills, for faster service.

Percentage match of your provided address versus the extracted one

Quick identification of the issue date and the issuing organization.

Clear results of the entire verification process.

Cross-check datapoints with governmental databases

Real-time results

Add your own branding

Streamlined Solutions for Address Verification

Benefits of Implementing Proof of Address

Streamline your processes, save costs, and enhance efficiency with automated verification solutions.

Cost Savings

Reduce expenses by automating manual verification processes.

Reduce Time

Accelerate verification times, improving operational efficiency.

Error Reduction

Minimise human error with automated data validation.

Better Experience

Enhance customer satisfaction with faster verification processes.

Expand Horizons

Leverage support of nine handwritten and 164 printed text languages to process customers from new markets.

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One connection for global KYC and AML

Stop switching between different KYC solutions. Streamline your KYC and AML procedures on one platform. It's secure, driven by data, and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on what's truly important.

Consolidate all KYC and AML solutions in one place.

Eliminate the need for multiple separate solutions and thereby reduce your overall verification costs.

Verify and identify customers no matter where they are in the world.

Pick and choose what solutions to utilise.


What is a Proof of Address?

A Proof of Address software is a system designed to verify the residential address of an individual. It is used by businesses to comply with regulatory requirements and to ensure the authenticity of customer information.

How does Proof of Address Verification benefit my business?

It enhances the security of your business operations, ensures compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, and reduces the risk of fraud.

What types of documents are accepted for Proof of Address?

Commonly accepted documents include utility bills, bank statements, government-issued letters, and lease agreements, provided they are recent and contain the customer's name and address.

Can the Proof of Address Solution handle high volumes of verifications?

Yes, our PoA automation is scalable to handle high volumes of verifications, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Is the Proof of Address Verification process automated?

Yes, the process is automated, using AI and machine learning algorithms to quickly and accurately verify documents.

We enable strict regulatory compliance regardless of industry

The flexibility of our KYC/KYB compliance offerings includes, among other things, industry-specific solutions, global coverage, adaptation to local conditions and a customer-centric approach.