Merchant Onboarding and Monitoring Solution

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Discover Web Shield's KYB solution, crafted for seamless merchant onboarding and monitoring in the payments industry, brought to you by ZignSec. Enhance onboarding processes, mitigate risk, and improve team productivity.

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Merchant Onboarding Solution

Get Quick and Reliable Results With InvestiGate

InvestiGate offers rapid and precise merchant due diligence, assisting in informed onboarding decisions and enhancing team efficiency.

Onboard Merchants in a Flash

InvestiGate makes underwriting large merchant portfolios feasible through automation, even for smaller teams.

Essential Tools in One Place

All necessary tools for underwriters intelligently integrated into a single dashboard.

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Merchant Monitoring Solution

Effectively Monitor Your Merchants

Monitor provides ongoing risk assessment for merchants, keeping you informed of changes in their product portfolios and website content.

Card Scheme Compliance

Web Shield is an official Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider. Our clients can expect mitigation in case of non-compliance issues.

Fully Flexible Configuration

Customise Monitor to suit your needs: Adjust monitoring frequencies by risk category, fine-tune rules, and enjoy added flexibility.

Web Shield is a part of the ZignSec Group and a leading provider of merchant due diligence solutions. The company is an official Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP).


The payments industry loves its abbreviations. We tell you what they mean.

What is KYB in the context of the payments industry?

KYB is short for 'Know Your Business'. It is the equivalent of 'Know Your Customer' (or KYC) when talking about businesses instead of individuals, although some use KYC and KYB interchangeably. In payments, KYB is crucial in several contexts, with a major one being acquiring. Acquiring banks support businesses to offer card payments to their merchant clients.

Before providing access to the card networks, they need to vet the merchant for compliance with card association rules. This process is often referred to as 'underwriting' or 'merchant due diligence'. It must be noted that this form of KYB needs to be ongoing to maintain compliance. One common way to ensure this is regular website screenings.

What is an MMSP?

MMSP is short for Merchant Monitoring Service Provider. It is a designation used by Mastercard. If a Principal Member of Mastercard is using an MMSP and is registering them with the card association, they can expect mitigation for non-compliance assessment.

What are BRAM and VIRP?

BRAM and VIRP are abbreviations for the two most important compliance frameworks in the payments industry., safeguarding the brand integrity of Mastercard and Visa, respectively.

Launched in 2005, Mastercard's Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) program is designed to protect Mastercard and its customers from illegal and brand-damaging transactions which may pose significant fraud, regulatory and legal risk or cause reputational damage. Visa has an equivalent program: In 2023, the Visa Integrity Risk Program (VIRP) replaced its Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP). The framework lays out the rights and responsibilities of both Visa and connected acquiring banks around high-risk merchants and illegal transactions.

Grow Your Merchant Portfolio With Confidence

Our solutions for merchant onboarding and monitoring are built to scale your business and comply with card scheme rules.