Identity Verification Software

Automated Identity Verification, Onboard in Seconds

Tailor identity verification to your users to automates identity checks and compliance, streamlining customer onboarding while reducing fraud.

Two mobile phone screens, one showing an identity card being photographed, the other a selfie liveness verification.

Full Compliance

Compliance with anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer regulations, made easy.

Avoid Fraud

Use multiple layers of fraud prevention, from two-factor authentication to document forensics.

Global Coverage

Verify users globally within seconds, utilising locally accepted identity verification solutions.

Identity and fake document authentication

Know Your Customer

Authenticate and identify fake documents to simplify adherence to KYC regulations during the process of opening customer accounts, ensuring robust compliance and customer security.

A look at how UBO Verification looks

UBO Verification

Apply KYC measures to verify individuals aren't politically exposed or sanctioned, and implement enhanced due diligence for higher-risk relationships.

The steps of customer onboarding

Customer Onboarding

Automate the entry of required data into your onboarding process. Lower the likelihood of mistakes with auto-populated forms and automated document recognition.

how fraud detection works

Fraud Detection

Onboard reliable customers through the use of document and biometric liveness authentication.

How data entry looks

Data Entry

Eliminate manual data entry to avoid mistakes and improve the experience of your customers.

Three people having their faces scanned

Age Verification

Verify your users' age to block underage access and comply with age restriction laws.


Fast and Secure Identity Verification

AI-powered software facilitates customer identity verification while ensuring compliance with AML and KYC regulations. Customize solutions to meet your clients' requirements and onboard new users swiftly.

A look at ID scanning
ID and Biometric Verification

Scan IDs and Perform Liveness Checks

Unlock the next level in your proof of identity workflows with a robust and efficient ID verification solution.

Verify identity cards in seconds

Seamless ID authentication

Reduce fraud and mitigate risks

Proof of Address Document Verfication

Address Verification In Seconds

Streamline proof of address verification and meet due diligence standards with easy document upload, identification, and data extraction.

Support for 9 handwritten and 164 printed text languages

Automate and speed up your address verification process

Stay compliant with geographic user restrictions

A look at address verification in practice
A number of eID logos are unified by the ZignSec logo
Electronic Identities

Support the eIDs Your Users Prefer

Electronic identity solutions like the Swedish Bank ID offer secure, comfortable, and efficient authentication for easy access to online services.

Access to multiple eIDs

Where applicable, we support you in the licensing process

User verification, authentication, and electronic signing

Identity Data Verification

Automatic Data Validation

Access governmental and other databases through a single connection for verified data on individuals.

Leverage multiple sources for identity data

Global coverage

Combine it with other products for full KYC

Information is extracted from an ID card, address information, and AML check information and inserted into the fields of a stylised form
An AML Screening button is being dragged by a mouse cursor into the vicinity of other buttons with the names Data Verification, Contact Details, AML Checks, eID Sweden and Proof of Address

Build Your Own KYC Workflow

Define the steps you need in one easy-to-implement verification flow. Mix and match modules for your use case.

Shorten your go-live time and drive revenue, faster 

Low-code implementation

Comply with local requirements to scale globally

Email and Phone Verification

Enable Safe Logins With Two-Factor Authentication

Allow your users to log in to your service with one-time passwords sent via SMS or email.

Enhanced security with custom one-time passwords

Reach a global audience

Combine it with other products for secure onboarding

How two factor authentication works

Three Ways of Implementation

Our team is here to help you get your products off the ground, expand into new jurisdictions or react to novel regulatory requirements.


Use TrustPath to set up a comprehensive KYC workflow, distribute the identification link through email or other channels, and review results in the ZignSec Portal.


Create your own workflows using ZignSec's complete product range and tailor the user experience to your needs. Maintain complete control about every aspect of the user journey.

Web UI

Leverage ZignSec's User Interfaces to provide a ready-made customer experience out of the box. Save time on building components by embedding our own.

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.