Grow Your Business in Asia With Real-time KYB Checks

Navigating the APAC business landscape can be challenging. Gain clarity with the region's most comprehensive Know Your Business (KYB) intelligence.

Access Translated Records For Immediate Insights

Over 344 Million Company Records

Get constantly updated and translated registration details.

In Nine APAC Countries

We cover China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.

More than 106 Million Alerts

Get information on court records, bankruptcy events, irregularities, and other key updates.

Streamline Your KYB Compliance Approach

Partnering with genuine entities is crucial for sustainable growth. Take advantage of seamless business verification, both at onboarding and monitoring, to ensure every partnership aligns with your standards.

Real-time KYB Search

Use sophisticated AI and machine learning for the most detailed KYB searches across Asia, delivered in real time.

Transparent Business Insights

Connect directly to government registries, identify potential irregularities and access fully translated business information.

Know Your Business Software

Access Real-Time, Translated Insights From Trusted Sources

Know who you are dealing with before partnering with, investing in, or entering in to business relationships with any APAC company.

Real-time Registration Information

Access vital details like name, company number, and incorporation date directly from the register. Stay updated on past names, business contacts, and current status.

Unveil the Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Gain a clear view of business ownership with insights into the equity chain. Understand corporate structures with our interactive graph and get a concise snapshot of the main stakeholders.

Key Personnel and Ownership Insights

Understand the key players in a business, from officers and directors to shareholders. Know who holds sway and their stakes in the enterprise with information on share proportions and capital.

Stay Ahead With Alerts and Watchlists

Don't get blindsided. Receive timely alerts on administrative penalties, court records, equity pledges, irregularities, law enforcement interactions, and bankruptcy reorganisations.

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.