Electronic Identity Hub

Authenticate your clients by integrating all the eID services you need, all through one provider.

Identity management, simplified

Improve your clients' digital identity journey. Access our comprehensive suite of identity services for secure logins, KYC checks, onboarding, transaction approvals, document signing, and more.

Build trust

Integrate digital identity solutions maintained by governments, banks, or mobile providers to build trust with your audience. Showcase your commitment to security and reliability.

Leverage the eID hub

By taking advantage of the existing eID ecosystem, you don't need to develop verification methods from scratch. Free up development resources for more impactful business priorities.

Why you should use ZignSec as your eID provider

In addition to ZignSec's extensive eID knowledge, we offer additional innovative Know Your Customer solutions. Get expert help and combine eID with other products to cover a global user base.

Your benefits

Bring your business forward

Simplify onboarding and KYC checks while offering eID holders an easy way to access your services, buy products, or provide electronic signatures.

Increase your customer base

eIDs simplify access for customers and help your business grow. With eID support, global enterprises can leverage the most-used local solution to securely authenticate customer identities worldwide.

Increase conversions

Allowing customers to use eIDs can improve customer conversion rates by making the transaction process faster, more secure, and more convenient, leading to increased trust, customer loyalty, and revenue.

Competitive pricing

Only pay for the services you use. Enjoy the flexibility of a customized pricing model that is tailored to your requirements.

Increase efficiency

eIDs automate processes like online customer authentication, which reduces the amount of manual labour needed for your business operations.

Reduce transaction time

eIDs speed up your business processes by securely verifying customer identities in seconds. Speed and security are no contradiction.

Improve security

eIDs, with biometric and cryptographic authentication, provide high security, reducing the risks of fraud and identity theft by verifying customer identities.

Ready to implement

How to get started

Integrate effortlessly using our API or simplified eID workflow, minimizing coding efforts. Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, offering comprehensive support from testing to implementation and beyond, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Contact Sales for your dedicated Account Manager

Obtain your API token from your account manager to unlock the potential of our demo and sandbox environment

Simply integrate our API, and you're all set to go

Electronic identity solutions

Pick and choose your eID

Stay ahead with our continuously updated eID Hub, offering expanded coverage and new authentication methods tailored to support your evolving business needs.

Use the eID that works for your users

Using the right eID for the job speeds up your onboarding process and makes your users happy. Get your pricing estimate today and start your journey to a better user experience.