A KYC Process, Tailored to Your Users

Optimise your identity verification process with our intuitive KYC workflow builder. Create, customize, and automate Know Your Customer procedures effortlessly with TrustPath.

Build Your Own Verification Flow, All With One Integration

Deploy your tailored verification sequence with our adaptable components. Craft the right KYC registration form for your business to ensure compliance with local laws, enhance the user experience, and optimise your conversion rates.

Effortless Integration
Embed our platform via a simple redirect link. Seamless KYC integration is at your fingertips.
Easy Customisation
Post-integration, tailor our KYC modules to your needs. Flexibility meets compliance.
Global Reach
Comply with international KYC and AML standards, ensuring you're covered wherever business takes you.
Whitelabel Solution
Tailor the design and interactions to your brand and use case, for an enhanced user experience.
KYC TrustPath

Unified Solutions Simplify Processes

Juggling various third-party tools can be a handful. Whether it's biometric checks, data collection, or PEP and sanctions checks, each solves a piece of the onboarding puzzle. With KYC TrustPath, everything fits together and global onboarding turns into a smooth process.

Avoid onboarding complexities arising from fragmented software.

A unified approach streamlines the global onboarding experience.

How It Works

Effortless Integration

Begin by embedding our form directly into your platform. Utilize the redirect link we provide, and instantly integrate KYC. Say goodbye to complex setups and welcome a seamless onboarding system that integrates effortlessly with your existing operations.

Seamlessly embed our form into your platform.

Utilize the provided redirect link for smooth integration.

Eliminate typical integration hassles, no matter your businesses sector.

Tailored Verifications

Choose various KYC and AML verification checks, ensuring you meet both global and local regulatory demands. Be flexible and tailor your user flow based on the target demographic, ensuring no unnecessary steps and focused compliance.

Customize the form to gather insights about your users.

Choose from an extensive range of KYC and AML verification checks.

Ensure adherence to both global and regional regulatory standards, streamlining compliance.

Data-Driven Decisions

Enhance your understanding of your clients by asking the right questions. Gather valuable insights about your users or clients, from basic details to specific preferences or requirements. This enriched data collection not only bolsters compliance but also paves the way for more informed strategic decisions.

Customise the form to gather insights about your users.

Collect valuable data ranging from basic details to specific preferences.

Use enriched data for bolstering compliance and making informed strategic decisions.

Onboarding Experience

With the foundational steps in place, your business is set to deliver a top-tier onboarding experience. With our KYC TrustPath, you ensure that your users or clients experience a process that's not just compliant and secure but also user-friendly, promoting trust and fostering long-term relationships.

Set your business to provide a top-tier onboarding journey.

Benefit from a user process that's both compliant and secure.

Promote trust and foster long-term relationships with a user-friendly experience.

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline, cumulate and enhance your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.