Age Verification Software

Minimise fraud with age verification

ZignSec provides swift access to age-restricted content, ensuring compliance and brand protection. Effortlessly confirm customer age with our verification service.

How does age verification work?

Age verification compares user-provided details against certain databases or validating a submitted ID. Once confirmed to be above the minimum age, users gain access to age-restricted services. This process is vital for industries like delivery, gaming, and vending to maintain legality and trust.

Ensure a document belongs to the user

Thwart the chances of minors using a relative's or friend's ID to access age-restricted content, deter their registration attempts, and  prevent fraudulent activities.

Improved user experience

A quick, easy process verifies age requirements. ZignSec offers 48 languages via API, Web, and SDK. Expand your global engagement and increase conversions.

Age Verification Software

Use age verification software for better compliance, customer ease, and competitiveness

Implement age verification to avoid fines, safeguard business, and ensure a risk-free environment.

13 000 documents

Verify within seconds

KYC compliant

Who needs the Age Verification software

Safeguard minors and maintain compliance using age verification software

Age verification isn't only essential for certain industries due to regulatory compliance. Various businesses choose to incorporate it voluntarily to cultivate a safer user environment and ensure appropriate service usage.

Global coverage

Leverage our global experience in over 240 countries for swift, real-time age verification, facilitating a smooth customer experience.

Screening & monitoring

Simultaneously verify age and identity, negating separate tools. Include AML screening for instant, up-to-date customer checks with our age verification solution.

Easy integration

Just a single API integration will get your age verification up and running. Rest assured, our support team will guide you every step of the way towards your goal.

Automate age verification

Leverage digital innovation to precisely verify users' ages in seconds. Embrace simplicity and automation


We often receive questions about KYC Compliance, so we've compiled everything here for you.

What is age verification software?

Age verification software is a digital tool that checks and confirms a user's age to ensure they meet the minimum age requirement for a particular service or product.

Why is age verification important?

Age verification is crucial to comply with laws and regulations, especially for age-restricted products or services like alcohol, tobacco, or adult content. It helps businesses prevent underage access and avoid potential legal repercussions.

How does age verification software work?

The software typically requires users to provide age-related information, such as date of birth, or upload identification documents. Advanced systems might use facial recognition or other biometric techniques to match the user's face with their ID photo.

Do all businesses need age verification software?

Not all, but businesses selling age-restricted products or services, especially online, should consider implementing it to ensure legal compliance and responsible service.
The AML framework consists of various components, with KYC Compliance being one of its key elements. The objective of KYC within AML is to ensure a clear understanding of a customer's behavior, which in turn enables institutions to manage their risk more effectively and fulfil their regulatory responsibilities. It's through the cohesive interplay of KYC and AML that financial institutions can maintain a safe and secure environment for their operations.

How do users feel about age verification processes?

While some users may find it an extra step, many understand its necessity for safety and legal reasons. The key is to make the process as seamless and quick as possible without compromising on accuracy.

Still have questions?

We recognize the complexities of KYC and AML. Focus on your core business and let us handle the rest.

We enable strict regulatory compliance regardless of industry

The flexibility of our KYC/KYB compliance offerings includes, among other things, industry-specific solutions, global coverage, adaptation to local conditions and a customer-centric approach.