Adverse Media Checks

Adverse Media Screening and Monitoring

Meet your AML obligations with Adverse Media screening and monitoring software.

Boost efficiency with automated adverse media alerts

Develop tailored risk profiles aligning with your risk tolerance

Proactively detect emerging threats to safeguard your reputation

John Doe and Jane Doe are shown in an adverse media scan.

Real-Time Screening

Get curated negative media coverage connected to individuals or entities.

Global Media Coverage

We collect both local and global news in a comprehensive adverse media database.

Access to Historical News

Get access to historical news data and be aware of adverse media from the past.

How it looks when there is a positive match for adverse media.
Adverse Media Categories

Get Important Alerts, in Real Time

We support a whole range of categories:

Financial crime

Violent crime

Narcotics crime


Property crime

Sexual crime


Law enforcement

Regulatory enforcement



Automated Adverse Media Checks

Automate Best Practices

Reduce your workload by using automated ongoing monitoring to assess your customers' risk levels through dynamic and up-to-date adverse media data.

Identity and fake document authentication
Simple Integration

Get Started Quickly

Use our Adverse Media software according to your needs through API or batch files, with full coverage and the latest data.

Identity and fake document authentication

Adverse Media Checks and Why They Matter

Learn more about Adverse Media checks.

What is Adverse Media Software and why is it important?

Adverse Media Software is a solution designed to monitor and analyse negative news coverage about individuals or businesses. This is important for identifying potential risks associated with clients, partners, or employees. By keeping track of adverse media, organisations can make informed decisions, maintain compliance with regulations, and protect their reputation.

How does your Adverse Media Software work?

Our Adverse Media Software uses advanced algorithms and AI to scan a vast array of news sources, social media, blogs, and other online content for negative mentions related to specific individuals or entities. The software categorizes and analyses this information, providing you with up-to-date data. This helps you stay ahead of any adverse developments that could impact your business.

What types of media sources are monitored by the software?

The software monitors a wide range of media sources, including international and local news websites, social media platforms, blogs, forums, and public records. This comprehensive coverage ensures that you receive a holistic view of any adverse media related to your subjects of interest, regardless of where the information originates.

What is negative news in an Adverse Media Check and why is it important?

Negative news in an Adverse Media Check refers to unfavourable information or reports about an individual or entity found in various media sources, such as news websites, social media platforms, blogs, and forums. This information can include accusations of fraud, involvement in criminal activities, regulatory violations, and other reputational risks. Conducting an Adverse Media Check for negative news is important because it helps organisations identify potential risks and make informed decisions about their business relationships. By monitoring adverse media, businesses can protect their reputation, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and mitigate the risk of associating with high-risk individuals or entities.

Can you combine it with other solutions?

Yes, of course! The most common use case is to combine Adverse Media with PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) and sanctions screenings. This integration enhances your risk management strategy by providing a comprehensive view of potential threats and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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