Automated document processing & forgery detection

Verify documents at scale and get comprehensive insights beyond simple trustworthiness.

Automated forgery and fraud detection

Effortlessly identify forged identity documents, fake bank statements, and manipulated invoices with our advanced, adaptable fraud detection system that covers various fraud types and comprehensively analyzes content and metadata.

million documents analyzed
of manual reviews eliminated
foiled fraud attempts daily
samples needed to create new detection templates
Real-time Alerts and Actionable Insights

Preempt fraud with profiling

Fraudsters commonly employ tactics such as blurriness, poor image quality, and flash reflections to disguise alterations on documents. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems are most effective with sharp, pristine documents. Therefore, within a mere three seconds of receiving a document, any unsuitable ones are promptly discarded.

Fraudsters manipulate document clarity to hide alterations

OCR systems quickly discard unsuitable documents

500+ detectors, <30 seconds

Quick document forensics analysis

Fraudsters are often using low-resolution and blurred images as well as flash reflections to hide document tampering. That's why our OCR technology is optimized for clean, unaltered documents.

Unsuitable documents are identified and discarded within three seconds of receipt.

OCR technology optimized for unaltered documents

Rapid identification of unsuitable documents

Quick discarding process within three seconds

Smart Document Processing

Our AI discerns unique issuer document traits for tailored processing, enabling auto-approval from specific issuers, preference for photos over scans, or routing to the most proficient OCR.

For new document types, our AI only needs 50-80 samples to be ready for tampering detection.

Tailored document processing

Optimal OCR routing

Quick learning for new formats

Advanced Document Verification Features

Ensure the document's origin using advanced features like logo detection for authenticity. Our anomaly detection assesses over 500 attributes, including those indiscernible to the human eye.

Verify a document's origin

Detect logos for authenticity

Evaluate 500+ hidden traits

Comprehensive historical analysis for fraud prevention

Cross-reference new documents with historical data for fraud detection. This effectively combats serial fraud, identifying repeat documents from diverse sources, indications for template farms, or metadata suggesting a singular origin of multiple PDF uploads.

Document cross-reference for fraud

Single-source upload identification

Identifying template farms via similar alterations

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.