KYB Onboarding

Verify Businesses

Business Verification has never been easier. Streamline corporate data retrieval, monitor watchlists, screen against databases for company records, and verify UBOs with our solutions.

Global business verification through local databases

Real-time and instant results

Employ AI to discern counterfeit identification documents

A diagram showing how businesses are verified and alerts are shown.

Meet Global AML/CFT Rules

Stay compliant by meeting anti-money laundering and counte-terrorism financing regulations.

Boost Efficiencies

Spend more time reviewing genuine matches instead of scrolling through false positives.

Future-proof Technology

Our databases are updated daily to ensure accurate, relevant and reliable information.

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Customizable Checks

Fully Automated KYB Onboarding

Our system offers highly customizable business verification, allowing you to tailor the process to your specific needs. Use our regularly updated databases containing corporate data from official registries to ensure precise business verifications.

Select and customize checks to meet your needs

Receive clear, actionable results

Clear results to inform your verification process

AML Screening for Businesses

AML Screening for Businesses

Comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) rules by screening entities against global sanctions lists, PEP lists, and adverse media lists, both at the onboarding and monitoring stage.

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Business Data

Receive the Data Sets You Need

Don't stress about sourcing the best data for each country. We continuously aggregate top local and global data providers, allowing you to focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.

A list of what is included in Business Verification Checks.
Visa and Mastercard Compliance

Effectively Onboard and Monitor Your Merchants

We offer a dedicated KYB solution for acquiring banks and PSPs to provide automated merchant underwriting and ongoing monitoring.

Card scheme compliance (BRAM and VIRP)

Modular setup and flexible configuration

Official Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP)

An artistic view of business verification including merchant data and transaction laundering risk.
A look at ID scanning
ID and Biometric Verification

Perform KYC Verification on UBOs

Use ZignSec's various KYC solutions to  on UBOs, ensuring fraud prevention and compliance.

Business Verification FAQ

Verifying the authenticity of a business entity is crucial for compliance and trust.

What is Business Verification and why is it important?

Business Verification is the process of validating the legitimacy and authenticity of a business entity. It involves checking various aspects such as registration details, financial status, operational history, and legal standing. This process is crucial for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of fraud, and building trust in business transactions and partnerships.

How does your Business Verification software work?

Our Business Verification software utilizes advanced technologies to gather and analyze information from multiple sources, including government registries, financial databases, and public records. The software verifies business registration details, ownership structure, financial health, and other critical information. This automated process ensures accurate and comprehensive verification, providing you with reliable data to make informed decisions.

What types of information can be verified with your Business Verification software?

Our Business Verification software can verify a wide range of information, including business registration details, ownership and management structure, financial statements, credit history, legal standing, and operational history. This extensive verification ensures that you have a complete understanding of the business entity you are dealing with.

Can this product be combined with other verification solutions?

Yes, our Business Verification software can be combined with other verification solutions. Many of our customers choose to integrate it with ID Verification, Proof of Address, and Document Forensics to create a comprehensive verification process. This multi-layered approach enhances the overall security and reliability of your verification procedures, ensuring thorough due diligence.

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One connection for global KYC and AML

Stop switching between different KYC solutions. Streamline your KYC and AML procedures on one platform. It's secure, driven by data, and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on what's truly important.

Consolidate all KYC and AML solutions in one place.

Eliminate the need for multiple separate solutions and thereby reduce your overall verification costs.

Verify and identify customers no matter where they are in the world.

Pick and choose what solutions to utilise.