Identity data verification

Quickly and securely verify identity data to ensure smooth customer onboarding and increase your match rates. Prevent fraud and stay compliant at the same time.

Increase your match rates, with access to millions of identities from all over the world

You probably know how difficult it is to find good data sources for each country you are operating in. Several integrations, agreements, and costly projects are inevitable.

ZignSec's global coverage means that our customers can grow with us and don't need to worry about managing several different partners for each market. Start onboarding more customers through one connection to ZignSec.

Access global data sources

With us, your company has access to comprehensive global and local data sources. Wherever the customer is located, we ensure smooth onboarding, fraud prevention, and regulatory comliance.

Fully configurable

Customize our solution to fit your needs. Create your own rules and let the solution decide who to onboard, depending on your risk appetite.

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Find out just how reliable customer data is on a scale of high, medium and low. Use a single reliable data source or check against multiple private and governmental sources.


Use an individual’s personal identification number to get additional data points like their name, address, and date of birth from trusted governmental data sources.


Check a customer’s personal data, such as their name, address and date of birth against multiple trusted data sources to get the best matching result.


Verify the personal data submitted by a customer at registration, such as their name, address and date of birth with the help of governmental data sources.
Proof of Concept

Your next journey starts here

To ensure that we deliver business value to our customers, we always offer a free proof of concept to find the best data sources for your use case before making any business decision.

Get reliable data

Revolutionising access to financial data and customer information

Our waterfall approach delivers the best possible matches:  In a single transaction, up to twenty data sources are queried. Our cloud-based technology allows for real-time access to frequently updated and reliable data providers.

We use primary source data such as governmental, credit, postal, consumer, commercial, utility, and proprietary registers.

Reliably verify addresses

Address data is a key pillar of any customer data management or KYC verification. We make it easy to analyse and verify addresses on a global scale.

Prevent data deterioration

Uncontrolled data deteriorates by 20% every year, which affects your campaign performance, operational efficiency, and customers' trust. We help you to enrich and clean your data regularly to reduce waste.

A variety of data sources

Our compliance experts have looked at dozens of data providers and identified the best ones for the job to make available through our platform and API.

Phone number validation

Detect identity fraud with phone number validation

Use mobile operators as an extra layer of protection for your KYC process and fraud prevention: A personal mobile phone number tends to be even more reliable than a person's address. We help you use it to validate identities.

PEP and sanctions checks

Identify politically exposed persons and sanctioned organisations

Detect potential threats early. Get access to local and global sanctions and PEP databases and ensure that regulatory requirements are met. Review customers at onboarding, no matter if they are natural persons or companies.

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline, cumulate and enhance your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.