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Use the ZignSec Portal as an orchestration platform to bring your KYC/KYB processes to the next level. Onboard customers across borders, all while staying compliant with AML regulations.

The orchestration platform your compliance team will love

Step 1

Create your account

Complying with regulatory demands, achieving cross-border compliance and offering your clients a stellar onboarding experience becomes easy as an account-holder in the ZignSec Portal.

Step 2

Choose your product

We offer industry-bespoke KYC and KYB workflow solutions for identity verification and client onboarding, or you can pick and choose from our extensive portfolio of standalone products.

Final step

Enter the portal

Access our marketplace to acquire products and workflow solutions in the no-code environment of the ZignSec Portal. Or use our easy-to-implement API, Mobile, or Web SDK.

Enter the ZignSec Portal

Automation and orchestration for accurate and efficient compliance

Use the ZignSec Portal for automation of client onboarding, identity verification, fraud detection, end-to-end KYC, and more.

No-code workflow solutions

We provide several industry-specific workflow solutions and a comprehensive assortment of standalone KYC/KYB products, all accessible in the no-code environment of the ZignSec Portal.

Cross-border compliance

Our workflow solutions adapt to the best local practices in real-time, rendering your customers' onboarding experience frictionless, even though compliance requirements, verification methods, and data sources vary country by country.

Screenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portal

Reduce development costs

Connected to our SaaS platform, you reduce development costs and avoid the responsibility for installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Your lead time from decision-making to implementation is significantly accelerated.

Increase conversion rates

Our onboarding workflow solutions can be minted with your company's unique brand, giving the customer journey a unified look with compliance tools that best suit the prospective customer's geographical domicile.

What our customers say

We see our customers as partners. Your success is our success.

"This expansion would have been difficult without ZignSec's platform. We just need one integration, then we can choose the country we need and ZignSec will add the country-specific solutions. It is very smooth."
A headshot of Ludwig Pettersson

Ludwig Pettersson

CEO, SaveLend

"ZignSec helps us with BankID in Sweden for registration of new users and authentication. With BankID we can safely and quickly onboard new customers and keep them logged in using the popular tool on the market."
A headshot of Erik Malm

Erik Malm

VP Technology, Billhop

Get started now

Enough reading - you know that seeing is believing: Book a demo with one of our experts to find out how we streamline, strengthen, and facilitate your organisation's KYC and KYB compliance efforts.

Know Your Customer

We provide first-rate products, services, and automated workflow solutions bespoke for each industry. Easily comply with the regulatory requirements around KYC both locally and globally.

Know Your Business

Assess and mitigate risks and streamline compliance processes in your B2B operations with a wide range of practical KYB products and ready-made workflow solutions.

Compliance Orchestration Platform

Our workflow solutions, powered by the compliance orchestration platform provide security and scalability for your business, and convenience and speed for your customers.

Frequently asked questions

Let us clear some things up before you commit.

How many ID documents do you cover?

We cover 10 000+ ID document types and are constantly adding more.

How can I try your solution?

We offer ready-only demo access to our ZignSec platform. For this and if you request more extensive testing, please reach out to to get in touch with an expert or click here.

How many countries do you cover?

The answer depends on the specific product you are interested in. Please refer to our product portfolio for more information or reach out to one of our experts. With our workflow solutions, we cover 248+ countries and regions around the world.

Do I only need to connect once to get access to all of your products?

Yes, you only have to connect once to get access to our portfolio of different regulatory compliance products.

Still have questions?

Get in touch, our compliance specialists are here to help.


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