HonestBox and ZignSec - Enhancing Security and Growth

About HonestBox

Founded in 2019, HonestBox is an innovative company leading the development of technology for unmanned retail, a sector expected to significantly shape the future of retail. With operations in around 600 locations across countries like Sweden, Denmark, and the USA, HonestBox, despite being a small company, is driven by a team of passionate shareholders and has experienced remarkable growth, including a doubling of sales in the last year.  

The success of HonestBox is attributed to its quick response, efficient processes, and flexible work environment. Their strength lies in creating bespoke technology solutions for the unique challenges of unmanned retail, at competitive prices. The growing customer base includes major chains such as Direkten, Nära Dej, Handlar’n, ICA, SPAR, and Tempo, prompting the company to focus more on enhancing its products and internal organization to meet increasing demands.

Background and Challenges

Initially, HonestBox used only Swedish BankID for customer identification, which had a direct integration with BankID. The primary challenge was the growing customer demand for additional identification methods, prompting the need for a broader solution.

Decision to Switch

The decision to adopt a new solution for customer identification stemmed from the limited variety of identification methods previously available. ZignSec was chosen for its wide range of identification options, which was a key requirement for HonestBox.

Implementation Process

The implementation of ZignSec was a seamless experience, marking HonestBox's first venture into diversified identification solutions. The support from ZignSec’s IT and sales teams played a pivotal role in this successful integration.

Positive Impact

ZignSec's offerings have enabled HonestBox to expand its array of identification options, accommodating a broader spectrum of clients. This increased variety in identification methods implies improved customer involvement and heightened security.

Magnus Berglund, CEO
The greatest benefit of using ZignSec for HonestBox, as noted by CEO Magnus Berglund, has been the significant expansion of identification methods available to customers. Berglund emphasizes that the partnership with ZignSec has been a game-changer, allowing HonestBox to diversify its customer identification processes. This diversification is crucial for the company's expansion and in meeting the evolving needs of a diverse customer base. Consequently, HonestBox highly recommends ZignSec to other businesses for its effectiveness in enhancing and diversifying customer identification methods.

Future Outlook

Looking forward, HonestBox views ZignSec as an integral partner for its international expansion, especially as it grows into other continents. The company anticipates ZignSec's expansion into more countries to support its global customer base, considering this partnership essential for its ongoing growth and adaptation to new markets.

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