Norwegian Bankid

Level of assurance:
Faster online identity verification process
More than 4,3 million unique users
Legally binding electronic signature
Covering over 68% of Norway's population
Quick and convenient customer experience
Increased level of security
Lower administrative burden
Reduction of costs

Make life more convenient for your Norwegian users

BankID is Norway's widely used electronic identification (eID) solution, meeting official requirements for identity verification and binding electronic signatures. BankID currently has 4.3 million users, approximately 68% of the Norwegian population. It enables secure transactions, easy onboarding of new customers, and legally binding signing of documents online.

The BankID app is a significant upgrade

BankID on mobile is gradually being phased out and replaced with the BankID app. BankID app users will have a lightning-fast BankID experience with face recognition, fingerprint, or PIN. In comparison, the existing mobile solution takes approximately 30 seconds to log in, while the new BankID app will cut that time down to about 10 seconds. Additionally, by offering a new BankID product type, BankID Biometric, the app can provide a simpler user experience at the cost of a lower level of assurance which can be beneficial for certain use cases.

Online identity authentication

With BankID, individuals can always prove who they are in a digital setting, whether they are identifying or eSigning. BankID holders can sign a purchase contract, submit bids for housing, or sign a binding agreement without the need to meet in person or send documents by mail. Developed, managed, and operated by a consortium of banks in Norway, BankID can be used by all organisations looking for secure and straightforward online identification and eSigning.

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