Finnish Trust Network

Level of assurance:
Single point of access to all Finnish eIDs
One integration to reach all Finnish citizens
Authenticate 5,5 million Finns online
Get legally binding agreements e-signed
+90 % of people in Finland use online banking

The eID solutions of Finland

Finland’s 5,5 million citizens use the following eID solutions across various online services, including government services, online banking, e-commerce, and other private services since both are part of the Finnish Trust Network:

Bank IDs are one of Finland's most widely used eID methods. Various Finnish banks issue Bank IDs to their customers. They allow users to securely authenticate themselves and sign electronic transactions using their online banking credentials.

Mobiilivarmenne is a mobile-based eID solution provided by Finnish mobile networks operators, such as Elisa, Telia, and DNA. Users can authenticate themselves and sign digital transactions securely using their mobile phones and a personal identification number (PIN).

The Finnish Trust Network

The Finnish Trust Network provides a framework for secure electronic identification, authentication, and signature services, which are essential for conducting various online transactions. FTN is a framework established by the Finnish government to provide a single access point to all the electronic IDs issued by Finnish banks and mobile telecom operators. ZignSec can grant your organisation access to all eIDs of Finnish banks within the FTN framework, plus Mobiilivarmenne. With access to FTN, you can authenticate your Finnish customers online, carry out secure transactions, establish and maintain good customer relations, and enter into and sign legally binding agreements with Finnish consumers.

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