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A robust eID Solution for Sweden

Freja eID provides a secure and intuitive ID platform and mobile e-identification that meets all security criteria, technical frameworks, and regulatory requirements for identity management. With Freja eID, all companies, authorities, and private individuals in Sweden can access this service. When consumers wish to access your online services, Freja assures their identity. All the verified data you need to interact with your customers can be shared through Freja – with the user’s explicit consent.

Currently, Freja has approximately 700,000 users. Close to 500 public and private e-services offer identity authentication with Freja eID. In addition, 6000+ stores across a wide range of sectors accept Freja as a physical ID for user identification and age verification.

A versatile and trustworthy eID

Freya allows you to replace insecure password logins, or supplement your other login methods. A login powered by Freja is based on two-factor authentication by default, and users entering your online service must confirm logins in their Freja app via PIN or biometrics. The onboarding of users with Freja removes the need for complicated input forms and adds the trust and compliance an onboarding via Facebook or Google lacks. Freja meets all the regulatory requirements to be used for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the payment area.

The many use cases of Freya

Freya eID helps your customers in dozens of use cases:

  • Data sharing - according to all regulations, for example, GDPR, PSD2, KYC
  • QR code login - reduces the threshold to your services and systems
  • Physical identification – package delivery, at pharmacies, in shops, and all other contexts where an ID card is usually required.
  • OrgID – with connection to specific attributes, Freja can be used, for example, as service identification.
  • Shared Devices – With the Shared Devices feature, a service credential issued to the user's Freja eID – via the Organization's eID – can be added to any pool phone, maintaining security and trust levels.
The Trust Framework for Swedish E-Identification

The Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) publishes the All issuers of e-ID must comply with this framework in order to be used by elying parties who require a certain level of trust:

  • Freja eID+ is approved for Trust Level 3 (LOA3) for e-ID issued to private persons
  • Freja OrgID is approved for Trust Level 3 (LOA3) for e-ID issued by organisations to their employees
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