Level of assurance:
More than 6,7 million Belgian users
Identify new customers with a simple click.
Strong multi-factor authentication
Comply with EU regulations and industry standards
Used with tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone

The vast majority of Belgians use itsme

itsme is an eID solution that offers a range of features, such as reliable data verification, passwordless login, strong customer authentication, and e-signature capabilities. With over 6.7 million users and more than 900 companies and online services in its ecosystem, itsme is a proven and widely adopted eID solution in Belgium. 80% of Belgian adults aged between 16 and 74 have an itsme account.

A versatile, secure, and trustworthy eID

itsme offers digital security in a reliable and convenient way for businesses to protect their customers' personal data online. The solution is passwordless and uses multi-factor security, providing businesses with a strong defence against security risks. itsme is fully compliant with European regulations and guidelines, making it one of the most trustworthy identity solutions available.

Boosting remote mutual trust

In addition to top-notch security, itsme offers a frictionless user experience that fosters digital trust and confidence. The solution can be used for every important touchpoint a customer has with your business, ranging from the initial onboarding process to the secure and efficient utilization of services. itsme is the perfect solution for companies looking to reduce costs, onboard new customers quickly, and meet regulatory obligations.

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