Biometric check

Biometric verification is a secure and easy way to identify users during onboarding, authentication, and verification using AI algorithms.

Convenient user verification for frictionless onboarding

A biometric verification links a physical identity to a digital account at sign-up, onboarding, or authentication.

Our biometric analysis detects fraudulent activity like account takeover fraud and identity theft. This adds an extra layer of protection to your business processes. Use specially trained AI and machine learning algorithms to detect edited photos, printed images, masks, and simple screenshots.

Automated identificaiton

Take advantage of fully automated facial recognition technology.

Verification in seconds

As fast as taking a selfie, authenticate and verify user's identity in seconds.

Screenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portal
Three steps to identity

How does biometric verification work?

Step 1

Simple selfie/video identification

Depending on the chosen product, the user takes a selfie or video, plus a photo of their ID document. We guide them through the process with real-time feedback.

Step 2

Identify the fakes

The video and selfie are then compared with the previously verified face and identity. Depending on the chosen product, an active or passive liveness check is performed.

Final step

Automated authentication decision

We provide you with an authentication decision in a few seconds. The results are returned via API or in the ZignSec Portal dashboard. You will know exactly why a decision has been made.

Everything happens inside your business, the user never has to leave your website or app - even if they are on a smartphone or website.

Identification by selfie

Use biometric verification in combination with document validation to compare a photo of the customer's ID document and their selfie.

Active liveness check

An active liveness check involves users performing fundamental movements to prove they are alive. This way, you detect presentation attacks like photo or video spoofing, deepfakes, models or 3D masks.

Passive liveness check

With a passive liveness check, users are not required to perform motion tasks, they are performed 'passively' in the background. This makes for a much faster and more user-friendly experience. It can also serve as a standalone product for passwordless biometric logins.
Identity document validation

Combine services to enhance your data

Use biometric checks in combination with identity document validation to get a full online identity verification.

Get all of the above, and more

Our ready-made workflow solutions combine several KYC products to automate online identity verification and KYC. Let us show you how they work.

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline, cumulate and enhance your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.