Identity document validation

Automatically categorise identity documents and read out all relevant data to bolster your KYC processes.

Are your clients using the right identity documents?

We connect you to best-in-class validation tools that use advanced OCR to automatically recognise and read out identity documents from around the world. Gather the KYC data you need and increase your conversions while complying with regulations.

Categorise identity documents

Know what source document a client is using and weed out wrong document types from the start.

Flag suspicious content

Advanced OCR reads out all data and flags inconsistencies like documents that are past their expiration date.

Screenshot of the ZignSec portal
Example workflow

Automate your identity verification process

Combine identity document validation with other forms of identity verification. Our platform lets you choose the products that fit your particular KYC and AML needs. All with only one API connection.

Step 1

Read out identity documents

Use OCR, barcodes and MRZ to read out all relevant identity data and flag problems like documents that are past their expiration date.

Step 2

Detect forgeries and fake documents

Verify the authenticity of the identity documents received with advanced machine learning and AI.

Step 3

Get supporting data from official registers

Double-check the data from identity documents with population registers and other available offline sources.

Final step

Automate your authentication decisions

Set up clear criteria for authentication based on your compliance requirements and use automation to speed up your onboarding decisions.

Get all of the above, and more

Our ready-made workflow solutions combine several KYC products to automate online identity verification and KYC. Let us show you how they work.

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.