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Ready-made KYC solutions

Plug-and-play KYC solutions for B2C

With our expanding portfolio of KYC tools, your organisation is always equipped to comply with the ever-changing regulatory requirements easily. Our industry-bespoke workflow solutions automatically utilise the most suitable local authentication tools, enabling best-practise and facilitating cross-border compliance.

Choose between a variety of workflow solution for maximum flexibility

Compliance orchestration in action: The solution automatically chooses the best KYC product for the job

Global coverage for cross-border compliance

Use cases

Industry examples of beneficial compliance

Banking and financial services

Every company acting under the supervision of a licensing authority knows the importance of proper KYC. We help you meet the highest standards of compliance.


The iGaming industry is subject to constantly evolving regulations. ZignSec can help you identify your online players and keep you AML compliant


Be one step ahead of the competition and enable online onboarding for clients around the world, while staying compliant with AML and KYC rules.


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Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.