Streamlined Onboarding with Robust Online Identity Verification

Drive successful onboarding with ZignSec's Online Identity Verification solution. Leverage our aggregation model to ensure a frictionless user experience and boost your conversion rates by onboarding genuine customers seamlessly.

Streamlined Onboarding

ZignSec uses machine learning for efficient user verification and document capture. As your business expands, the system adapts, providing secure, hassle-free user checks.

Boosting Reputation with Secure Verification

Using ZignSec's machine-learning tech streamlines user verification and boosts reputation risk management. Clear feedback ensures high initial pass rates, emphasizing your dedication to secure identity verification.

Seamless Biometric User Verification

By seamlessly extracting biometric information from photos and optional videos, we confirm user identity, ensuring a smooth and trustful customer experience.

ID verification in less than 30 seconds

How does Our Identity Verification (IDV) Work?

Users engage in the Identity Verification process by capturing images of their government ID and a selfie, on their preferred device - iOS, Android, mobile web, or web via SDK or API, all supported by ZignSec.

Step 1

Users takes a photo of their ID document

ZignSec simplifies Identity Verification with real-time feedback and auto-detection of ID type, guiding users through a seamless and error-minimising capture process.

Step 2

Feedback to user

Users are prompted to take a quick selfie, and any image issues are instantly flagged by ZignSec's Assisted Image Capture. We swiftly ascertain liveness and authenticity, guiding the user through the complete process.

Final step

Quick Decision

Our AI-powered identity verification technology quickly analyzes data, providing prompt decisions based on required document checks by ZignSec. Specify cases for manual review while relying on automated ID verification for the rest.

Know Your Customer

Multi-checks Validation for Identity Verification

Eliminate fraudulent activity and verify digital identities swiftly. Ensure a secure environment while enhancing user experience - keeping threats at bay and welcoming genuine users by combining and validating the identity through a waterfall model.

Extract Data

Experience automated data extraction, robust authenticity checks, and comprehensive fraud prevention - ensuring seamless, secure financial operations.

AML Screening

Integrate ID verification with AML screenings, including PEP checks, sanctions, adverse media reviews, and continuous monitoring per your guidelines.


The end-user benefits from immediate feedback, ensuring a smooth and effortless onboarding experience for your customers.

Ready to Scale

ZignSec handles 45 languages and 13,000 document types, always adding the best global providers. This smooths your path for global growth, letting you focus on what you do best.

Streamline your regulatory compliance efforts

Streamline your compliance measures to comply with KYC requirements and deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience.