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Making KYC in banking a breeze

As a financial institution, addressing KYC requirements is fundamental. ZignSec offers KYC solutions, empowering your bank to navigate regulatory hurdles with ease.

kyc for banking

KYC and AML compliance built for banks, just a few clicks away

Regulators are constantly tightening know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements for financial institutions. ZignSec gives you the tools to react quickly to any changes.

Due diligence for corporate clients

Get company registry data directly from the source, use AI tools to authenticate incorporation documents, and more. Or use our preconfigured full KYB solutons.

Onboard your clients with full KYC

ZignSec helps you solve the complicated task of identifying the real person behind every user or transaction. Use our pre-built workflows to get full KYC in seconds.

Document Forensics

Discover fraud our eyes can't see on ID documents, loan applications, and more. Onboard real customers instead of fake identities while keeping the process frictionless.

Electronic ID & eSigning

Take advantage of official eID programs around the globe to reliably authenticate clients.

PEP, sanctions & adverse media checks

Identify politically exposed persons, sanctioned individuals, and negative news stories to achieve AML compliance.

Screenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portalZignSec's banking KYC solution in action

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We enable strict regulatory compliance regardless of industry

The flexibility of our KYC/KYB compliance offerings includes, among other things, industry-specific solutions, global coverage, adaptation to local conditions and a customer-centric approach.