We focus on identity, so you can focus on education

Online education and distance learning poses unique challenges to schools and universities, especially around identity verification. ZignSec helps you to overcome them.

Organise virtual classes with the right students

For eLearning, basic services such as class registration, live instruction, and testing now require verification of identity to preserve the sanctity of the education process itself. Honesty and integrity can be maintained via the ZignSec online ID scan, helping to ensure your students are who they say they are.

Register students online

Offer online registration services to new students and make your student onboarding smooth and frictionless.

Verify students at tests

Doing tests remotely is challenging, especially for accredited institutions that have to follow strict rules. Verify testees' identities with ease.

Biometric check

Use facial recognition and other biometric markers to verify a person's identity or enable clients to set up two-factor authentication via selfie.

Electronic ID & eSigning

Take advantage of official eID programs around the globe to reliably authenticate clients.

PEP, sanctions & adverse media checks

Identify politically exposed persons, sanctioned individuals, and negative news stories to achieve AML compliance.

Screenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portal

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Covid-19 may have accelerated digital adoption for the education sector, but virtual learning and online ID verification is here to stay.

We enable strict regulatory compliance regardless of industry

The flexibility of our KYC/KYB compliance offerings includes, among other things, industry-specific solutions, global coverage, adaptation to local conditions and a customer-centric approach.