Know your patients with automated KYC

Maintain the same high standards for remote and in-person practice, both for doctors and online pharmacies.

Identify your patients online, for pharmacies and doctors

eHealth is a broad field, ranging from internet health professionals to online pharmacies offering prescription medicine. For both, knowing your patient is a requirement.

Fill prescriptions

Use our ready-made online identification solution to verify the identity of users registering for your licensed online pharmacy online.

Onboard patients without a hitch

Online registrations can be a pain, especially when users must jump through a lot of hoops. Our KYC solutions offer a smooth user experience, tailored to your business.

Biometric check

Use facial recognition and other biometric markers to verify a person's identity or enable clients to set up two-factor authentication via selfie.

Electronic ID & eSigning

Take advantage of official eID programs around the globe to reliably authenticate clients.

PEP, sanctions & adverse media checks

Identify politically exposed persons, sanctioned individuals, and negative news stories to achieve AML compliance.

Screenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portal

We enable strict regulatory compliance regardless of industry

The flexibility of our KYC/KYB compliance offerings includes, among other things, industry-specific solutions, global coverage, adaptation to local conditions and a customer-centric approach.