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How to Verify the Identity of an ID Document Online

Published on
March 28, 2024
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An ongoing and accelerated digitization creates an ever-growing need for fast, efficient and user-friendly eKYC processes, disrupting the traditional ways of how to read ID documents and verify the identity of the holder.

Online ID Verification

The identity of a person has traditionally been assessed in person together with a nationally approved ID document (such as a passport) as verification. In a digital world with a demand for fast and user-friendly online experiences there’s simply not time nor patience to involve this physical step in the KYC process.

Online ID Verification is a solution grown from the ever-growing need for fast, efficient and user-friendly eKYC processes. It combines the possibility to scan and read nationally approved ID documents online (and without human interaction) together with verifying the holder by a variety of one or many biometric verification methods. It may require the holder to take a selfie, record a video or get them to read out some text on the screen – all considered biometric as all of them involve a human interaction.

Document verification dashboard provided by Basis iD
BASIS ID is one of many aggregated Online ID verification and eKYC solutions to use through the ZignSec platform.

Liveness detection

Liveness detection is a computer’s ability to determine that it is interacting with a person that is physically present. It detects if the fingerprint or face (or other biometrics) is real from a live person present at the point of capture or if it’s fake, preventing bots and criminals from using stolen photos, life-like masks, and other tools to create or gain access to your accounts.

Liveness detection may require the person to record themselves moving their head and perform facial expression in a preset series of movements.

Liveness detection model made by ZignSec

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is a computer software program (or hardware device) that has the ability to decode the human voice. It is commonly used to operate a device (think Alexa), perform commands, or give you the option to write without using a keyboard.

With the improvements of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) software programs in recent years, and the overall advancements in the realm of speech recognition, the solution is now being implemented and used for identification purposes across the globe.

Although voice recognition isn’t new, it’s a great example of a tool that you can use to provide an additional check in the identification process, as it adds an extra level of verification to protect yourself and your customers against fraudsters and financial crimes.

Anti-Deep Fake solution

The use of (and interest in) deepfake videos has virtually exploded in recent months. Most recently, we saw a Tom Cruise deepfake video that went viral on TikTok. But while it can evidently be used for entertainment purposes, it is also becoming increasingly obvious that we need better detection tech to prevent fraudulent activities and potential identity thefts.

Deepfake, which is a technical fraud where you replace someone’s face in a video, can be used for both pre-recorded and live video streams. The technology and people behind it (often visual effects experts) make it really difficult for the human eye to determine if a face is authentic or not. Thankfully, there are tools that can detect and authenticate facial expressions and motions in real-time.

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