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Solutions to ID verification in online education

Published on
March 28, 2024
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Covid-19 may have accelerated digital adoption in the education sector, but virtual learning and online ID verification are here to stay. We have safe and secure solutions for the classroom of tomorrow readily available today.

Accelerated digital adoption

The unfortunate introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic led to an immediate and much accelerated digital adoption for educational institutions and learning centres. With schools scrambling to move lessons and tests online, validating users while protecting their privacy, and offering a safe learning environment became everyone’s top priority.

As programs looked for ways that would rival or even surpass established in-person practices for ID verification, the demand for tools that could verify students and their work remotely virtually exploded. From enrolling in classes and safely accessing learning management systems, to submitting homework and taking tests, online identity verification services became the obvious solution to a pressing and recent problem.

New challenges

As educational institutions adapted to distance learning, they faced many sudden and new challenges as the change in climate introduced new risks. Schools now had to find ways to ensure that only enrolled students were attending classes and lectures. They also needed ways to authenticate students prior to online exams and be able to quickly and easily create user-friendly digital registration experiences for new students and families. Perhaps most importantly, they needed to ensure that remote students were given proper credit for completing work as well, while also combating academic dishonesty in distance education.

Configurable solutions for online ID verification

Thankfully, with the right tools, you can easily provide your students with online ID verification for online education. Whether it’s for e-portfolios, the use of assignment-related photos and videos, participation in learning communities, group work, or to check for plagiarism, there are solutions readily available.

At ZignSec we have online ID verification solutions that will help schools, learning centres, universities, and similar educational institutions identify, register, safely teach, and protect their students – regardless of their location. We offer full flexibility, automation, relevant data, and easily configurable solutions for online ID verification. Our tools will improve the quality and effectiveness of student services, uphold the academic integrity of both students and faculty, and allow for scalability across multiple markets.

Let us show you what we can do

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