Corporate document authentication

Detect forgeries, counterfeit corporate documents, and manipulated company records with AI-based technology.

When dealing with important clients: Trust, but verify.

Fraudsters, money launderers, and other criminals will not shy away from forgery. Having safeguards in place to spot these attempts is not only required by anti-money laundering regulation, it is good business practice.

Find the fakes

Identifying forged documents can be like finding the needle in the haystack. You need the right help to be successful.

Use the latest technology

AI and machine learning are part of the growing arsenal of forensic tools at your disposal to spot tampering.

Screenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portalScreenshot of the ZignSec portal

Get all of the above, and more

Our ready-made workflow solutions combine several KYB products for the ultimate B2B due diligence automation. Let us show you how they work.

Verify and validate the legitimacy of your corporate clients

Evaluating corporate clients involves digging, investigation, and complicated decision-making. Our extensive portfolio of KYB-focused products and workflow solutions mitigate these efforts.