Sanctions checks for entities

Protect your business from illegally engaging with sanctioned entities. Comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) requirements around the globe.

Anti-money laundering controls, tailored to your business

Conducting business with sanctioned entities is illegal and will have significant negative consequences for your organisation. We help you to establish a sanctions-compliant client onboarding and monitoring process in minimal time.

Up-to-date sanctions lists

Our sanctions list vendors constantly update their lists and optimise them for clarity.

Spot high-risk clients

An additional adverse media check keeps you aware of other potential risks, outside of sanctions compliance.

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Get all of the above, and more

Our ready-made workflow solutions combine several KYB products for the ultimate B2B due diligence automation. Let us show you how they work.

Anti-money laundering glossary

The world of anti-money laundering can seem daring sometimes. We help you understand more.

What is anti-money laundering (AML)?

AML is an umbrella term for the range of measures, controls, and processes businesses must have in place to achieve regulatory compliance and stop financial criminals from concealing illegally obtained funds and making them appear legitimate. AML laws require companies to take steps such as verifying the identity of their customers, keeping records of the customer's transactions, and reporting suspicious activity to authorities. One of the most crucial parts of complying with AML laws is to Know Your Customer (KYC), or in the case of B2B relationships, Know Your Business (KYB).

What is counter-terrorist financing (CTF)?

Terrorist financing is how terrorists obtain funds to finance their operations. Acts of terror can be prevented by disrupting the flow of funds to terrorists, and many countries have implemented measures for countering the financing of terrorism (CTF). These measures are often synonymous with anti-money laundering (AML) laws. Implementing adequate AML/CTF controls is vital to the regulatory compliance strategy and combat terrorist funding.

What are sanctions?

Sanctions, also referred to as restrictive measures, are punitive or restrictive actions taken by individual countries, regimes, or coalitions. Sanctions can restrict organisations, individuals, and states from conducting trade, making financial transactions, and more. Sanctions can be specific or general in their implementation and enforcement. Organisations must comply with regulator expectations and adopt a risk-based approach to sanctions compliance with access to continuously updated sanctions lists, i.e. databases listing individuals, legal entities, and countries with whom it is illegal to do business.

What is adverse media?

Adverse media, a.k.a. negative news, refers to any disadvantageous information found about individuals and entities across traditional news outlets and unstructured sources. Adverse media screening and monitoring is the process in which a customer, or prospective customer, is screened against negative news and data sources. Adverse media screening and monitoring allow firms to detect a potential problem before they risk being associated with it and having their reputation tainted.

Verify and validate the legitimacy of your corporate clients

Evaluating corporate clients involves digging, investigation, and complicated decision-making. Our extensive portfolio of KYB-focused products and workflow solutions mitigate these efforts.