Dagmamma AS Boosts Childcare Safety with ZignSec

About Dagmamma AS

Dagmamma AS operates Dagmamma.no, a key platform in Norway connecting families with childcare providers. It offers a user-friendly platform where parents can find qualified childcare providers in their area, and caregivers can find suitable jobs. This service plays a crucial role in meeting societal needs for reliable childcare. Dagmamma.no ensures safety and trust by using BankID for identity verification, securing the identity of its users.

Background and Challenges

Before integrating BankID, Dagmamma AS faced significant challenges in customer identification. Without a formal system, the platform relied on user-provided information, which posed risks of inaccurate profiles, potential for dishonest individuals, safety concerns, and compromised trust. These challenges also included susceptibility to online fraud and fulfilling the responsibility to protect its users.

Transition to Enhanced Security

Recognizing the need for a robust identification system, Dagmamma AS adopted BankID. This moves significantly improved security and efficiency, enhancing trust within their online community. The integration of BankID addressed the concerns of identity verification, ensuring a more secure and reliable environment for users.

Collaboration with ZignSec

Dagmamma AS decided to partner with ZignSec for its international scalability, valuing ZignSec's comprehensive verification services, wide international coverage, and adherence to regulatory requirements. This partnership provides security-focused services across borders while maintaining compliance with local regulations.


The transition to ZignSec was smooth, marked by the ease of integrating their solutions with Dagmamma AS's existing system. The clear API documentation and the supportive technical team facilitated a seamless integration. The personalised guidance and support provided during the process ensured a comprehensive understanding and efficient use of the platform.

Stian Wessel-Berg Skjold, CTO
“Our collaboration with ZignSec has revolutionized the way we handle customer identification and security," comments Stian, CTO at Dagmamma AS. "Integrating ZignSec's solutions has not only streamlined our processes but also significantly enhanced the trust and safety within our platform. This is particularly crucial in our field, where the security and reliability of childcare services are paramount.”

Positive Impact of ZignSec

Implementing ZignSec enhanced customer interactions by providing a rapid and secure identity verification process, thereby increasing user trust and streamlining internal processes. This improvement led to a measurable increase in both safety and efficiency, with a significant rise in verified profiles and strengthened user trust.

Client Satisfaction and Looking Ahead

The primary benefit of using ZignSec for Dagmamma AS has been the enhanced safety and trust in their platform, critical for a service where children's care is involved. Looking ahead, Dagmamma AS anticipates further enhancements from ZignSec, such as expanded international user support and improved user experience. They view their ongoing collaboration with ZignSec as vital for their long-term strategy in securing and simplifying identity verification processes, essential as the business continues to grow and evolve to new markets.

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