Level of assurance:
Fully state-supported in Estonia
Gaining popularity fast in Lithuania
Can be used at over 600 e-services
Simplifies the use of e-services
Enables signing of documents electronically

A digital identity document on a smartphone

Mobile-ID is a SIM card-based digital identification document that is always with you when you have a mobile phone. It is a nationally recognised identity document enabling individuals to do all the activities online for which they would use an ID card in the physical world. For example, accessing e-services such as banks, confirming service changes and bank transfers, signing documents, entering national registers, voting in elections, and more.

Easy usage and increasing user numbers

Today many e-services have Mobile-ID support, providing the option to log in with an ID card, and Mobile-ID works on a computer, tablet, and mobile phone. To use e-services, the user doesn't need a separate card reader or special software – it is enough if they remember their Mobile-ID PIN codes. All Estonian mobile operators – Telia, Elisa and Tele2 – are issuing Mobile-ID. Estonia and Lithuania have over 660,000 Mobile-ID users who carry out an average of 20 million monthly transactions and interactions.

Businesses benefit from Mobile-ID

In addition to the potential increase in revenue by signing up more users, businesses are also recognising the significant role of Mobile-ID in terms of cost reduction by eliminating paper processes and the time required for processing contracts, which can cost businesses up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The operators have noted a strong increase in corporate businesses signing their employees up to the service en-masse in order to use Mobile-ID for internal and B2B functions.

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