Level of assurance:
Approx. 3,2 million unique users
Trusted by all major banks in the Baltics
A robust customer authentication solution
Electronic signatures as valid as handwritten
A versatile eID with cross-border capabilities
Solid encryption and biometric authentication

A trustworthy and widely used eID solution

Smart-ID is a universal authentication and digital signing solution. It has more than 3.2 million users and handles an average of 80-90 million transactions per month. Smart-ID is currently used in Estonia (with over 650,000 users), Latvia (with over 1 million users), and Lithuania (with over 1.5 million users). It can be used to log in and access hundreds of online services, including all significant internet banks in the Baltic countries. These banks trust Smart-ID for authentication, confirming payments, and signing contracts.

Customer authentication and qualified electronic signatures

The end-user solution is based on a simple app that is easy to use across all smart devices. It offers a robust customer authentication solution with advanced security measures such as solid encryption and biometric authentication. Furthermore, digital signatures with Smart-ID have the same legal validity as those written by hand. QES (qualified electronic signature) is the highest level of electronic signature according to the eIDAS.

Cross-border capabilities

Smart-ID fully complies with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and uses multi-factor authentication (MFA). In addition, Smart-ID is compatible with a wide range of e-services and online platforms, making it a versatile solution for businesses operating in multiple countries. By implementing Smart-ID, companies can provide a consistent authentication experience across different regions and platforms.

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