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Covering 98% of Danish consumers
Efficient log in, secure user authentication
5,8 million unique users
Extra security through certified brokers
Denmark's identity and authentication solution

Unrivalled coverage of Danish consumers

Denmark is one of the world's most digitized countries. Most transactions are cashless, and almost all interaction with Danish authorities occurs online. MitID is Denmark's new and enhanced national electronic identity solution, which virtually every one of the country's 5.8 million citizens uses daily. As a more resilient solution and to handle new security requirements, MitID replaced NemID and now has over 98% of Danes aged 15 and above as its user base.

ID authentication and e-signature

Users can authenticate or log in with MitID on their smartphone or tablet via the MitID app. This includes tasks such as transferring money in an online or mobile bank, viewing tax information, or shopping online. Furthermore, our signature solution for signing agreements is based on the proven technology of NemLogin, which we merge with MitID to offer a secure electronic signature.

MitID services require a MitID broker

Online service providers must sign an agreement with a certified MitID broker to offer MitID services to customers and users. Only a certified MitID broker can allow service providers to authenticate users. As a security measure, MitID has only certified a few brokers, and ZignSec is one of them.

Danish Agency for Digitisation

MitID’s security is based on the solution’s technical architecture, thorough security procedures, and the revision and oversight that the Danish Agency for Digitisation carries out annually.

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